New Customer Holiday Offer:
Lightning-Fast Fiber Gigabit Service

Add joy to your holiday season with the perfect internet plan. As your neighborly internet provider with honest, straightforward pricing and no hidden fees, we offer a 100% fiber network that is future-proof and capable of handling all your connectivity needs — from multiple smart devices to video calls, gaming, and large file uploads.

Speed Matters
Our two-tiered pricing is based on speed, not data. Enjoy limitless possibilities without constraints.

No Data Caps
With our fiber internet, there are no data caps. It’s your gateway to a boundless digital world.

Transparent Pricing
No hidden fees or contracts! All options include free installation and router rental.

Choose From Two Simple Options:

1 Gig

Upload and download speed


Perfect for:

  • Cozying up to streaming movies and videos on all your families’ devices.
  • Browsing online for your holiday shopping and favorite recipes.
  • Connect flawlessly online with family and friends with no downtime.


As much upload and download speed as you need.*


Perfect for:

  • Hosting virtual holiday gatherings with video conferences.
  • Winter break and teenagers using multiple game consoles with reduced latency and lag times.
  • Online content creators who upload and download large videos and image files.