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Tilson Broadband is an Internet Service Provider that specializes in bringing fiber internet connectivity to those that are underserved by either old technology, unmotivated service providers, or both. With New England roots and over 20 years’ experience in the technology sector, our team is headquartered in Portland, Maine with a regional office in beautiful St. Johnsbury, Vermont.

We believe where you live should not restrict your access to reliable, high-speed internet. As part of the Vermont Department of Public Service (PSD) COVID-19 Emergency Connectivity Initiative and Get Vermonters Connected Now Initiative (GVCNI), Tilson Broadband offers fiber internet service to homes and businesses, bringing broadband access to Danville, Lunenburg, St. Johnsbury, and portions of neighboring communities in Vermont. With greater need and demand for reliable, high-speed internet access, we hope to expand our service locations in the near future.

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Benefits of Fiber Internet.

  • Faster speeds. Even during peak hours.
  • No data caps. You get the speed you are paying for.
  • Better reliability. Especially during bad weather.
  • No delays. Download and upload more high-definition content.
  • Higher quality streaming. No more grainy screens.
  • Better gameplay. Save time on uploads and downloads.

Fiber Versus Copper Cable

Fiber-optic internet offers significant advantages over copper Internet connectivity (DSL or cable) and is the gold standard of all internet connections—but fiber internet has limited availability in the United States. Many people still rely on outdated service or slower speeds that experiences frequent interruptions from bad weather and network congestion. Our fiber network supports faster speeds and improved reliability. How does it work? Unlike traditional copper cable, satellite, and DSL, fiber-optic internet uses thin cables made of glass or plastic fibers to transfer data as light signals, allowing data signals to travel faster. 

Let’s break this down.

  • Fiber internet is faster due to much lower latency (delay) compared to other technologies;
  • Fiber internet is less likely to go down during harsh weather elements;
  • Symmetric speed is a term used to refer to equal upload and download times on an Internet connection. With fiber Internet, you can benefit from equal upload and download speeds allowing more simultaneous video conference calls, fast uploads of files to the cloud or via email attachments, such as photos, videos, or other large data;
  • Fiber internet supports higher quality TV streaming. That’s great news if you’re thinking about buying that new 4K TV.

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