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Whether you’re working from home or streaming your favorite series, there is almost nothing more irritating than your technology not functioning when you need it to. Providers may impose data caps and limit what you can do online – ultimately controlling how you stream, work, and video chat.

Even worse, many internet service providers offer complicated and overstuffed bundles and packages. With Tilson Broadband, this won’t happen. We keep it simple and you won’t overpay for products and services you don’t need. There are no internet data caps and no throttling — meaning you’ll never experience data slowdowns or shutoffs. You get the internet speed you’re paying for. It’s as simple as that.

Check below to see if high-speed fiber internet is in your area.

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Why Tilson Broadband.

  • Faster and more reliable internet speeds.
  • No data caps or throttling of speeds.
  • Convenient online billing and account portal.
  • 24/7 emergency outage and response services.

What Internet Speed Do I Need?

How do you use the internet? Do you work from home or have children enrolled in an online learning program? Do you stream movies and play games? Do you chat with family and friends around the country? Whether you need faster speeds to power multiple devices, support simultaneous video conference calls, or the ability to upload large files such as photos, videos, or other data, Tilson Broadband has an internet plan to address all your bandwidth needs. 

The answers to the questions above will help determine the right speed and service for you and your family. We make it simple for you to choose between two-speed tiers. Get us as much speed as you need with the Boundless plan, or choose our 1 Gig/1Gig plan.

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Have Questions?

We’re here to help make sure you select the right plan for you and your family. And don’t worry—you will always be connected to a real, live person from our customer service team.

No long hold times, no hassles or headaches.